Security Operations Solutions

Turn chaos into intelligible and actionable information. Your organization is probably barraged with an avalanche of data from disparate sources, which can create confusion and inertia. Our security operations platform provides a consolidated view of what’s happening, automates workflows and gives context to security events. Respond quickly and with precision.

Security Incident Response

Incidents linger due to lack of automation, poor communication and siloed processes. Rsam’s Security Incident Response Platform (SIRP) puts your finger on the pulse of your incident landscape. Should an incident occur, Rsam Incident Management simplifies and speeds the triage, workflow and resolution. Our dynamic workflow can replicate any existing incident management process, and allows you to easily make changes as your process evolves. Integrate the SIRP platform with your SIEM and existing security tools for a complete view. Also our automation engine can immediately execute calls in other applications to ensure the fastest possible response time.

Vulnerability Management

You rely on a multitude of scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities within networks, applications, databases, source code and other areas. Rsam enables you to consolidate this data to simplify risk assessment, prioritization, remediation and compliance.

Rsam consolidates the disparate information and relationships to enable intelligent and automated choices. We process information through risk-based workflows — assigning tasks, sending notifications and creating escalation levels at appropriate junctures.

Remediation can be prioritized based on how the vulnerability stacks up against relevent risk data, like asset criticality and third-party intelligence. It can even be automated via third-party API calls.

“We are proactively evaluating risks, putting action plans into place.”

– Greg Allen, Senior Security Architect at CNA Insurance