Rsam. Ready for any IT-GRC use case.

An adaptive framework that’s fully configurable. (Every inch.) Scalable baseline modules packed with best practices. Leverage the power as is, or build on it for a custom fit.

Rsam has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 1 Examination for it’s software platform. 

Just a few of the key features of Rsam:

Relational data model accounts for how things connect

All data points are connected in a manner that, well, just makes sense. See relationships within and between assets and records to ensure your solutions represent the “real-worlds” and all of their dependencies.

A rich, fully managed content library

Rsam’s platform maturity yields an ever-growing breadth of content templates and controls that we update, manage and map to multiple compliance areas. Add your own content in minutes.

User-friendly, intuitive interface

Drag-and-drop tools let users decide how modules should work and serve up information. Configurable doesn’t have to mean complex.

One-code platform lets you adapt to changes with ease.

You’re looking for efficiency and value. Our highly adaptable platform offers both. In fact, it can be fully functional in just 30 days.

Platform Overview (PDF)

Architecture & Deployment (PDF)

(Really) robust risk scoring and analytics

Create dynamic rules to specify unique handling requirements on the fly. Relational data enables advanced risk scoring by incorporating upstream/downstream dependencies.

Dynamic searching against multiple record types

Instantly view important data regardless of which module(s) generated it. No need for the abstract query joins prevalent in the GRC market. No having to synchronize data across modules via inefficient import/export operations. View any Rsam data set, and use drag-and-drop tools to arrange it your way, with presentation in your desired chart and report formats.

Import data without programming

Rsam brilliantly connects to just about any other tool using highly flexible maps that are managed via an intuitive point-and-click interface. This allows you to import data ranging from simple vendor and asset inventories, to control libraries, to complex event and vulnerability feeds.

Dynamic workflow, dictated by you

For any data element, Rsam facilitates extremely dynamic workflow that can be shared with or rendered independent of any other record types or solution. Maintain as many workflow states, workflow roles and decision trees as your enterprise risk management program requires. See and manage your workflow via a clear and concise visual layout.

Everything is role-based

Users see only the modules, workflows and actions that pertain to their role or multiple roles. Vendors and partners can be assigned permissions for specific, secure views. Even configuration of administrative tasks can be divided across various parties, allowing them to self-manage processes and needs.

Have it your way

Flexibility and scalability are at the core of our framework. What does that mean for you? In a word, empowerment. You’re empowered to leverage our platform to create your own custom solutions and apps through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface—all with no coding. Imagine the possibilities.

“We are proactively evaluating risks, putting action plans into place.”

– Greg Allen, Senior Security Architect at CNA Insurance