GRC Solutions

Let’s keep this simple: Take whatever GRC use case you want, we don’t dictate what you can and can’t do. Start with our baseline configurations to get your solution up and running fast. Use drag-and-drop, self-serve tools that let users enhance these configurations to best meet their requirements. Done.

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“GRC implementations are never quick. Compared to other implementations that I’ve been party to in other organizations, Rsam’s implementation was quick and smooth.”

– Chief Information Security Officer, Education Industry
Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

Audit Management

Internal audit teams face mounting pressures from all corners of business. Everything — financial reporting, data analytics, expansion, M&A, the “BYOD” culture — must be scrutinized through the lens of dynamic risks and ever-changing compliance requirements.

Rsam GRC Audit Management is built to manage and anticipate the pace and scale of these moving targets. Boost efficiency and accuracy by automating key processes and centrally recording findings. Facilitate better coordination between departments to keep timelines punctual and improve transparency. Shift your attention away from the details of audit administration — and concentrate on audit risk assessment activities that yield business value.

Modules include: Audit Management, Audit Findings.

Business Continuity

Every day it seems you’re putting out fires. It’s easy to put off worrying about even bigger disasters that could severely disrupt business operations. Rsam ensures you’re prepared for the unexpected with Business Continuity Management that streamlines and automates everything: Business impact analysis. Planning. Testing. Reporting. Issue remediation.

Robust tools help you dynamically analyze dependencies across related assets to determine cascading recovery-time-objectives and their upstream/downstream impacts. Heat maps and metrics guide you to confident, timely decisions.


Whether you’re responsible for an alphabet soup of industry-specific compliance requirements (HIPAA, PCI, GLB & FFIEC, FISMA, etc.) or you’re tasked with managing general guidelines like NIST, ISO, and COBIT, Rsam ensures you stay on top of every detail.

Rsam maintains a comprehensive content library of cross-mapped controls that we manage and update on a continual basis. The platform’s compliance control framework takes aspects of each standard and converts them into measurable controls that can be further customized to meet your specific needs. Controls are harmonized to all relevant areas in an “ask once, update many” fashion. And, Rsam streamlines assessment reports, creating “findings” that isolate problem areas.

Modules include: Risk and Compliance Assessments, Financial Controls Management, Controls Testing, FISMA, HITRUST CSF.

Exception Management

Documenting and tracking compliance exceptions is known to be cumbersome and highly prone to errors. Rsam Exception Management is…well, the exception.

Our powerful framework automates policy exception cycles to quickly and reliably initiate exception reviews, escalations, approvals and renewals. Correlate exceptions to specific internal policies, standards and compliance mandates — and establish a renewal process based on changes that occur during the exception lifecycle. Set up email notifications to engage personnel in actions and sign-offs. Along the way, capture a thorough audit trail along with historical data that reveals trends and the full “exception picture” of your enterprise.

Policy Management

In today’s highly regulated business environment, you’re having to comply with a multitude of regulations and internal policies. Some are universal, others are unique to specific jurisdictions — but they always evolve as times change.

Rsam Policy Management makes it easy to author, track and manage policies centrally — mapping them to regulatory standards, risk frameworks and business objectives. Write policies directly into Rsam, or import from a file. Automated workflows and alerts facilitate policy management all the way through to review and approval.

With Rsam, you’ll boost efficiencies, better understand your risk position — and keep current with compliance mandates.

Modules include: Policy Management, Policy Attestations.

Regulatory Change

No matter what your industry, the scope of regulatory oversight extends far and wide. You’re navigating regulations that are variable across jurisdictions and constantly evolving. Rsam’s Regulatory Change Management module eases the pressure of managing the complexity of compliance.

Through a single, customizable framework, you can establish a central repository of regulatory intelligence, from all sources. Electronically route information to key personnel for business risk assessment. Monitor regulatory changes, and align to business priorities so you’re never caught off guard. And if an infraction is discovered? Automate remediation activities through workflow that you design — ensuring swift review, approval and exception management.

Modules include: Regulatory Change Management, LexisNexis StateNet Connector.

Enterprise Risk Management

Assessing and managing risk is partly about what you know to be true — and a lot about ripping things apart (figuratively) to expose weaknesses. Rsam offers multiple modules that help you better understand and address your enterprises’ risk profile.

Rsam lets you establish a common risk taxonomy and centralize risk-control and remediation across the organization. Make it easy for key stakeholders to provide their input and take ownership of departmental risks. Aggregate and normalize data from different operational systems and processes. Produce intelligent results ranging from qualitative analysis to Monte Carlo simulations and scenario modeling.

Incident Management

Organizations face risks from a variety of incidents, not just cyber security. Manual or homegrown solutions typically can’t be scaled to meet growing and changes requirements. A quick and effective response can minimize adverse effects and ensure compliance.

Rsam’s Incident Management module automates identification, planning and response processes. It helps you initiate and manage plans, actions, and allocate appropriate resources to resolve incidents in a timely manner. You have the tools to provide upper management with fast, accurate views of the real-time situation, which can impact individual business concerns.