Sensitive information
Make sure your archive is a truly protected space

Safeguarding your company’s material assets is routine.
However, protecting intangible assets is often overlooked.
When it comes to security, everything should be archived in a space that can be accessed externally
and internally in a controlled manner. With BooleBox, you can. Risk-free.

Guaranteed military

BooleBox uses AES standards with block ciphers and symmetric keys

BooleBox uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols for data transfer, creating a tunnel protected by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) of 128 bit or more. Data at rest is encrypted using standard 256-bit AES and divided into blocks, each one is archived in encrypted mode.

Multiple personal

BooleBox allows you to create different encryption keys for each file that only you know

By archiving your data within BooleBox, you can apply a personal key to each individual document, which is created by you and known only to you. In order to best respond to different company demands, BooleBox also gives you the option of managing personal keys via HSM (Hardware Security Module) devices.

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BooleBox also includes anti-screen capture, watermarks, time of use limitation and activity logs

In order to protect your data effectively, even during use, BooleBox includes advanced security functions. You can apply indelible watermarks to all your documents or prevent users who access the data from making a screen capture, downloading a document to their devices or viewing data beyond the default time limit. In addition, the Activity Logs makes available a detailed report of what happens to your sensitive documents.

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