Secure exchange
At last, you can share everything in one secure space

Today, the job market is increasingly delocalized. Accessing information useful to your
business, at any time and in any place, has become a necessity.
Without having to compromise, BooleBox offers you a file-sharing system that is fully
protected against external attacks and internal theft.
Accessibility is no longer a threat to your security.

Secure file-sharing

With BooleBox, your data is synced with a protected connection and you can send encrypted e-mails

As well as the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection, data synced to your device is encrypted using a local key, which is known only to you: added protection to keep you secure even in the case of theft or use of the device by unauthorized people. Even sending and receiving confidential information via e-mail is totally secure, directly from BooleBox or by installing a special plug-in on Gmail and Outlook.

Online editing and
collaboration supports

BooleBox enables you to manage, organize and back up your files in a single shared space

Your work group can manage online content in a single, protected work area, collaborating securely directly on the web. Thanks to integration with online editing systems, you can work on your Microsoft Office documents, classify them, group them into categories, add or remove graphic and text annotations directly from your browser. And for complete protection, BooleBox backs up your data and gives you access to up to 99 previous versions of the same file.

Reports and
activity logs

With BooleBox, all shared space activity is tracked and under control

For further security, BooleBox allows the account administrator to consult an advanced report, with detailed information on who has accessed data, the operations they have carried out, when and where. This activity logs gives you full control over your most sensitive data and allows you to monitor the activity of your collaborators.