Protected mail
Communicate in total security with your contacts

E-mails are a communication method with little security. To be able to use them daily, without making any changes to your routine nor compromising on maximum protection, try BooleBox. With the BooleBox e-mail encryption system, you can exchange sensitive information in encrypted mode and revoke access authorization even after sending.

Integrated e-mail encryption

With BooleBox, you can send encrypted e-mails to protect your most sensitive information

In addition to protecting individual files and entire folders, BooleBox allows you to send and receive confidential information via e-mail, in total security. The BooleBox e-mail application combines normal SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols with various types of advanced attachment security, such as: personal encryption keys, watermarks, anti-screen capture, message availability timer and access revocability (even after sending).

Special plug-in that can also be installed on
Outlook and Gmail

BooleBox guarantees file-sharing protection even in Microsoft Outlook and Gmail

With BooleBox, the confidentiality of your e-mails is always guaranteed, everywhere. Thanks to a special plug-in developed by Google and Microsoft, you can count on the same level of BooleBox protection even when you are using Gmail and Outlook, making your e-mails inaccessible even in the most common programs.