Under control
Classify and protect data, even from registered users

Even the most simple of enterprises requires collaboration between different people.
Data and documents are exposed to risk both externally and within a work group. However, with BooleBox, you can have maximum control of data and data access.
A small choice that makes a big difference.

Controlled file

With BooleBox, you can apply your protection rules automatically based on data classification

Within a work group, BooleBox guarantees optimum protection of shared data, with default file classification according to encryption rules and access authorisation established by the administrator. Each new file created and shared within the work group will automatically be given the level of protection set for its category and can be accessed only by users authorised according to the set rules.

Default access
to work groups

Thanks to the classification function, you decide not only who, but also how data can be accessed

BooleBox is designed to simplify file-sharing within a work group, without compromising the level of security. In addition to creating differentiated roles to be allocated to individual users, using the dashboard, the administrator can also manage different categories of protection (with or without personal encryption keys) for different data. Each file uploaded and shared is thus protected automatically, by specifying its category via a simple tag.