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AVG PC TuneUp® for Business

Speed up, clean up, and power up your business PCs

Start protecting your business today

Tick green, 16 x 16 px Quick and easy to download
Tick green, 16 x 16 px Fast to set up and manage
Tick green, 16 x 16 px Automatically updates
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Boost your PC speed. And your productivity.

Ever had to wait ages for your PCs to boot? Running out of battery life when working remotely? AVG PC TuneUp for Business will help get your desktops and laptops working faster and longer. Our lab tests confirm:


faster Office 2013 performance

HP Spectre x360


quicker startup

Desktop PC


faster Adobe Creative Suite performance

Alienware X51


faster Office 2013 performance

HP Spectre x360


Let us do the daily PC chores for you

Why waste your or your admin’s time on routine tasks? AVG PC TuneUp for Business does it all for you: go Automatic Maintenance and integrated health and performance advisors help speed up and clean up your computers automatically.


feature-icon-automatic-update-blue-90Automatic Maintenance & 1-Click Maintenance

All Windows® systems need regular health and performance inspections: AVG’s Automatic Maintenance fixes and helps optimize 6 core operating system areas.

feature-icon-settings-blue-90Health & Performance

Our PC Performance and PC Health advisors constantly check for dozens of problems, such as missing drivers, hard disk problems, incorrect settings, and performance bottlenecks and often-times
offer 1-click fixes.

feature-icon-diagnostic-blue-90Performance Monitoring

Check your monthly Optimization Report to learn all about the optimizations that have been performed on your PC clients.

Work faster & save time

Over time, your desktops and laptops stop working as efficiently as they once did, often leading to sluggish programs, annoying load times, stability issues, and slow boot ups. AVG PC TuneUp for Business helps prevent this gradual slowdown and helps boost PC performance to day-1 levels.

feature-icon-speedometer-blue-90Significantly Higher Performance

Patented Program Deactivatortechnology automatically turns off resource-draining background activity that slow down your PCs
– and your business!

feature-icon-planet-arrows-blue-90Better Responsiveness & Speed

Had enough of lags and loading times at work? Live Optimization’s algorithms intelligently and automatically focus your processing power on the task at hand.

Startup Time

Gone are the times you could drink a coffee in the morning while waiting for your PC to start up. AVG PC TuneUp’s Startup Manager is the key.

Get more space for what’s important

Windows and your programs continuously accumulate invisible data residue. AVG PC TuneUp’s cleaning functionality helps you save precious storage space for your business-critical files.

feature-icon-firewall-disc-cleaner-blue-90More Disk Space & Reliability

AVG Disk Cleaner detects leftover files in 28 Windows features and 220+ third-party applications. And AVG Duplicate Finder helps you find duplicate files, like PhotoShop files and accidental backups.

feature-icon-globe-checkmark-blue-90Cleaner, Faster Browsing

AVG Browser Cleaner removes over 60 different types of browser traces left behind from over 25 browsers, including Internet Explorer®, Google Crome™ and Firefox®.

feature-icon-trash-can-blue-90Uninstall Old Software

AVG Uninstaller identifies software you or your staff haven’t used in a while and allows you to easily remove it for more performance and disk space.

Enjoy longer battery life & lower power consumption

In our internal tests, the combination of AVG Economy Mode and Flight Mode resulted not just in increased battery life, but also reduced power consumption. This means your employees can work longer on a single charge, and you can potentially save on your power bills. Have a look at our results*:


more battery life while working

Sony Vaio (AMD APU)


more battery life while working

HP Spectre x360


per year cost saving

Medion Office PC


per year cost saving

Alienware X51

cost savings

On a 2014 ultrabook and an old Sony Vaio business laptop, AVG PC TuneUp for Business achieved up to 55% more battery life.

On two desktop PCs, AVG PC TuneUp was able to reduce power consumption significantly, resulting in annual savings of up to $62 per device.

System Requirements

click here Minimum Hardware

Intel Pentium 300 Mhz, 256 MB of RAM, Online/CD Version 150/400 MB, Internet Explorer 6® or higher
Operating System

MS Windows XP, MS Windows XP Pro x64 Edition, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows Vista x64 Edition, MS Windows 7, MS Windows 7 x64 Edition, MS Windows 8 x32 Edition, MS Windows 8 x64 Edition
Supported Languages

Chinese (simplified), Czech, Dutch, English (US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (EU), Russian, Spanish (EU)